About Us

Hand Interactive is a focused, elite team of user experience, usability, and business strategy experts. We're passionate about crafting engaging experiences for mobile, desktop, and web users.

Hand Interactive was founded by Anthony Hand, M.S.I. Mr. Hand holds a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan (1999). Early in his career, Mr. Hand had the fortune of working with information architecture pioneers, Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville at Argus Assoc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

During the dotcom bust, Mr. Hand founded FloSpace, Inc., who recently released version 3.0 of their innovative and easy to use teleprompter software program, FloPrompter. Mr. Hand continues to be involved in product design and business operations at FloSpace, as well.

Mr. Hand entered the mobile space in 2004 by joining SavaJe Technologies, a startup working to create the first Java-based smartphone operating system. He worked with the engineering team to define the platform's user interface theme framework capabilities, and designed a number of core applications including email, audio and video players, the theme manager, and a file system browser.

Since SavaJe, Mr. Hand has continued to deepen his user experience expertise in the mobile space. Through stints at Nokia, iSkoot, and multiple independent engagements, Mr. Hand has gained the skills to craft engaging user experiences across a range of mobile platforms, including the Apple iPhone, Symbian S60, UIQ, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, mobile Java (J2ME), and the mobile web. Such breadth of mobile platform fluency is rare in the industry.

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