Portfolio Selections

Principal Anthony Hand founded Hand Interactive in the spring of 2008 offering user experience design and usability services to the growing number of mobile companies in New England and beyond.

While the company is new, Mr. Hand has nearly a decade of experience as a human-computer interaction expert and over 4 years of experience specifically in the mobile field. During this time, Mr. Hand has designed mobile applications for nearly all of the major smartphone platforms and Java, including: Symbian S60, UIQ, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Smartphone and PocketPC, PalmOS, and the iPhone.

Here is a selection from our professional portfolio. Due to confidentiality requirements, this list is incomplete. We can discuss additional projects in person (while respecting relevant NDAs). Please contact us for more information.

Exploration of OS Design & Experience Requirements

What will the next generation home computing device be? A Boston-based startup deep in stealth mode is busy building out a brilliant vision. Expect exciting innovations in hardware, software, and services...

Our Role: Hand Interactive created interactive mockups to explore design concepts for a new Linux-based operating system. In addition, we fleshed out the core personas, and identified the key user experience targets and high level use cases for the final design.

Benefits: Persona and user experience targeting early in a project lifecycle help refine and focus the team on exactly what the product vision is and how it benefits users. Speed is the name of the game with interactive mockups: The entire team can play with an idea and quickly iterate on it to improve the design and user flow.

Mobile Web Site Usability Evaluation

Boston is home to the most popular social network designed from the ground up for mobile phone users. The mobile-optimized web site offers an incredibly rich set of features for its members, most of whom connect to the web site using regular mass market phones such as the Motorola RAZR and KRAZR -- not the iPhone.

Our Role: Hand Interactive performed a usability evaluation of the mobile web site, providing an actionable checklist of recommendations for improving the user experience, streamlining functionality, and implementing best practices.

Benefits: This type of engagement is fast, inexpensive, and identifies a large number of usabilities issues in any web site or application.

Mobile Device Evaluations

Mobile operators attempt to balance many marketing, user, and business needs when selecting which devices to offer in their catalogs. Hand Interactive has been involved in evaluating several devices in one operator's portfolio.

Our Role: Hand Interactive participated in evaluations of several devices for a mobile operator with a special focus on the devices' music and video capabilities. We looked at the entire lifecycle of usage, including multiple means for getting media onto the device, consuming the media, and using the companion desktop software to manage the content.

Benefits: This type of engagement is fast and inexpensive, and insights can be used both for marketing and informing future strategic requirements.

Portfolio Case Studies

  • iSkoot: Mobile VOIP client applications
  • Nokia: Mobile email and voice applications
  • SavaJe: Mobile entertainment and productivity applications
  • FloSpace FloPrompter: A desktop teleprompter program

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