Mobile Application Development Firms

Recently, one of my clients asked me for a recommendation of a local development firm that was versed in developing client applications for the iPhone and BlackBerry. I knew of two firms who can do iPhone apps, but wasn't sure who to recommend for BlackBerry development.

So I posted a note to the mailing list for the Boston chapter of Mobile Mondays asking for recommendations. Following is a list* of firms which responded directly. Firms with a presence in the Boston metro area are listed first, then others.

Download this list as a handy Excel spreadsheet or PDF.

Raizlabs Corporation

Raizlabs is a local Boston that does custom desktop and web application development as well as iPhone apps. The founder, Greg Raiz, is one of the leaders of the Boston Usability Professionals Association.

  • Mobile Platforms: iPhone, Windows Mobile
  • Location: Boston Metro area (Brookline, MA)
  • Web Site:
  • Contact: There is a contact form on their web site.


Envisa is a small firm with a growing set of capabilities in mobile. They have been doing some marketing/advertising and (desktop) web projects for some prominent local mobile startups in Boston. From what I understand, they have also begun developing expertise in mobile-optimized web site development.

  • Mobile Platforms: Mobile web sites
  • Location: Boston Metro area (Framingham, MA)
  • Web Site:
  • Contact: Ray Chang; Contact Us page on their web site.


PixelMedia is a web site design consultancy in Portsmouth, NH. I attended a New Hampshire UPA meeting they hosted not too long ago and had a fun conversation with one of their developers about the complexities of mobile web site development.

Scott Janousek

Scott is one of the world's leading authorities on Flash Lite (Flash for mobile phones). He co-authored a book called "Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices." His day job is consulting and custom Flash Lite application development.

Vaultus Mobile Technologies

The Vaultus reps were very brief, but it sounds like their expertise is with Symbian S60, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile client software development.

  • Mobile Platforms: Symbian S60, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
  • Location: Boston Metro area (Boston, MA) and India
  • Web Site:
  • Contact: Arvind Goyal; Contact Us page on their web site.


According to their web site: "Mindstorm Technologies is a full service software consultancy concentrating on the development of enterprise, desktop, and web applications."

  • Mobile Platforms: Windows Mobile, mobile web sites
  • Location: Boston Metro area (Waltham, MA)
  • Web Site:
  • Contact: Gerry Polucci; Contact Us page on their web site.


I don't know much about these guys, except that they advertise for iPhone development in Mass High Tech Weekly. They're located in Southern New Hampshire.

  • Mobile Platforms: iPhone
  • Location: Boston Metro area (Hudson, NH)
  • Web Site:
  • Contact: Contact Us page on their web site.


Wirkle is one of the few firms I know that claims expertise in pretty much all of the major smartphone platforms, plus Java and mobile web. Lomesh told me that they specialize in carrier-grade client/server software development. Their rates also sound quite reasonable. (You'll have to ask Lomesh for a quote!)

  • Mobile Platforms: iPhone, Symbian S60, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Java (J2ME), Brew, and mobile web sites
  • Location: California, India
  • Web Site:
  • Contact: Lomesh Dutta; Contact Us page on their web site.

Future Platforms

Future Platforms is boutique agency based in Brighton, UK, focused completely on the mobile space. They do client software and web site development, as well as mobile-targeted advertising & marketing. Future Platforms has been around for 8+ years and has an impressive client list including Nokia, Vodafone, Orange, Audi, and quite a number of mobile startups. They're the only firm on this list which also mentioned S40 and S60 theme design as well as the experience to develop SMS (text message)-based applications.

  • Mobile Platforms: iPhone, Symbian S60, Java (J2ME), PalmOS, mobile web sites, SMS text message applications, and mobile marketing/advertising; Nokia S40 and S60 themes
  • Location: Brighton, UK
  • Web Site:
  • Contact: Tom Hume; Contact Us page on their web site.

Agil Eight

Given their origins in Finland, Agil Eight has very strong Symbian S60 software development experience, with additional capabilities with Windows Mobile and mobile Java (J2ME).

  • Mobile Platforms: Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, Java (J2ME)
  • Location: Oulu, Finland, and Budapest, Hungary
  • Web Site:
  • Contact: Gabor Torok; their site uses frames, so click Contact Us in the nav bar on their web site.

FOOTNOTE: Please forgive any mistakes in the above list of firms and their capabilities. The fault is probably my own, so please be sure to review their web site for the latest information. Also, a listing here is not an implicit endorsement of any sort.

Last updated: September 3, 2008