Our Services

Here is a list of what we can do and love doing for our clients. As each client and project is unique, we are happy to meet with you (either in person or virtually) to discuss your particular needs and see how we can help make your project a success. Please contact us to set up a meeting.

Mobile Platform Strategy

iPhone, BlackBerry, or Symbian S60? Native client or web? Which devices are the most critical to support? Let us help you navigate the confusing range of options and decide a strategy that works best for your offering to delight your end users -- and generate buzz.

User Experience Strategy

The mobile world has unique opportunities and constraints compared to the desktop or web worlds. Whether you are starting a new product or porting an existing one to a new platform, we can help you define the high level user experience requirements.

User Interface Concepting

Let us help you explore the universe of design alternatives best suited to your offering, whether mobile, web, or desktop.

Product Implementation (UI Design/Information Architecture)

We can work with your development staff (or outsourcing partner) throughout the implementation phase. Deliverables vary by project, but typically include: use cases (written from a user experience perspective), screen flow diagrams, wireframes (a.k.a., storyboards), image asset management, tracking text for localization, and regular reviews of ongoing builds to help ensure a quality product.

Competitive Usability Evaluations

We can study the user experience and usability of your competitors' offerings, identifying what works well and what doesn't. Just as in the early days of the web, while there is a great deal of innovation in the mobile space, many companies still aren't achieving high levels of usability with their mobile products, nor are they offering the right mix of features for a mobile lifestyle.

Usability Research

There are many research methods available in the usability toolbox, from lab-based testing to focus groups to guerilla-style interviews in local shopping malls.

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